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Visual Arts nurture students’ creative and visual sense. Through Art, students learn to express as well as innovate new ideas and imagination in the form of art. Visual Arts at ORCHIDS Global Learning Academy allows students to tap their hidden ability through various aspects of the programme:

Theoretical Practice
An insight on ways of expressing through visuals, and words. This practice allows the students to express their understanding of ideas, in an artistic way. Different art techniques are practised, and later on, compared based on how each technique is different and how it evolved. This also includes a comparison of work from different artists with separate cultural contexts.

Art-making practice
This practice includes students critically analysing, and experimenting with a different technique, to express their own art work. They get to explore different media and cultivate different skills adapting to each technique. .

Curatorial Practice
Curatorial Practice helps students form their own idea of an artwork, based on the studies and observations on various exhibitions. They get to evaluate their work amidst the ongoing works that the world can connect with, and how impactful their work will be. Exhibitions are put in place, for the students to showcase their own work, and draw conclusions on the impact of their presentations.

Visual Arts have a huge significance on a child’s performance in academics as well as extra-curricular activities. Therefore it is regarded as a very important part of the curriculum here.