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Community Service at ORCHIDS Global Learning Academy

Community Service is an essential part of the curriculum at ORCHIDS Global Learning Academy. It is vital that our students understand that to be a 21st century responsible citizen, they must take part in activities that build strong communities.

We seek to inculcate a sense of duty towards all members of their community at a local, national and global level. We want our students to understand that as citizens of the world they have a responsibility, not only to their families, but to the world at large.

ORCHIDS Global Learning Academy believes that students become better learners and better people if they understand that all learning is interconnected. Just as our academic curriculum is process-driven, our community service projects need to be as well. Instead of focusing on one-time or short-term projects, like holding a health fair or visiting an orphanage on Children’s Day, we encourage longer-term projects. Each year our students will discuss global issues, such as hunger, poverty or climate change. They will then design solutions which address these on a local level. They will then work on these solutions for the entire academic year.