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Extra-curricular activities are an essential part of a child’s school life. Not only does it cater to their physical and mental well being, but also builds up to be a lane of priceless memories and learning lessons. We support every dream, ambition and passion in our students, which is why we have a wide range of options, along with special programmes introduced solely to encourage the hidden talents of these young ones.

ORCHIDS Global Learning Academy gives a huge emphasis on the importance of extra curricular activities. The sports curriculum focuses on developing strength, power, flexibility, balance, and likewise important skills which are important for a child in sports as well as in life.

A wide range of competitions, inter-school, state, national and international lever, are encouraged and acknowledged here. Each student is advised to be a part of at least one sport since it adds up to the child’s profile, experiences, memories and achievements. Our Physical Education teachers are highly qualified and are adamant in ensuring each child learns and excels in at least a sport.

In order to keep the session engaging and interesting, for each sport that a child plays, we ensure they are informed about the several benefits each sport has stored for them.

At present, ORCHIDS Global Learning Academy majorly provides the following:

Gymnastics –
This sport is all about the agility, balance, flexibility, and most importantly, determination. Gymnastics includes the growth of full-body muscles in a child and allows them to be groomed into a brave, courageous and daring personality eventually.

Basketball –
A game of nets and high passes, basketball is considered as an important sport in the initial years of a child. Not only does it enhance a child’s stamina, but it also helps in improving a child’s sense of rigour and coordination. This particular sport witness a lot of competitive young hearts each time.

Taekwondo –
Taekwondo is appreciated as a form of art. It is regarded as a sport, and also as a skill that teaches a child a lot about life. It allows them to explore their strengths and weaknesses, preparing themselves for their surroundings by widening their senses and durability. Be it physical, or mental development, taekwondo covers it both.

Athletics –
For a child of today’s generation, it is important that he is exposed to activities and sports apart from the digital activities that they are a part of. Running, Jumping, race walking, and several other forms of competitive activities form athletics. Each child must be exposed to these activities, since these are the introduction to stamina, endurance, and other basic physical benefits, for the children in their initial years.

Volleyball –
A widely loved sport, Volleyball is a team game wherein two teams of six play against each other. Children learn about teamwork, balance, aiming and coordination through this sport. Be it through a beach sport, or the national tournaments, this sport is always fun to play and compete in.