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ORCHIDS Chain of Schools runs on the five pillars of schooling, including Academic Excellence, Holistic Development, Best-in-class Infrastructure, Personal Attention and Safe Campus. As a part of the Holistic Development & Personal Attention, we give huge emphasis on the health and habits of the child, thereby offering the following programmes:

Special Talent Encouragement Programme (STEP)
The STEP Programme has been initiated to encourage the young exceptional talents, to hone and showcase their hidden talents to the world. Each opportunity is precious for a child with a dream, be it to excel in academics, or in sport. ORCHIDS Global Learning Academy brings the opportunity of a global platform for these young talents.

After School Sports Programme (ASSP)
For the students who enjoy extra-curricular activities, and wish to go a step further ahead in their progress, After School Sports Programme provides them with professional training in the after-hours of the school. This programme is open to all those willing or learn, or excel in their sport.