Admission Inquiry 2020-21

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Every child at ORCHIDS Global Learning Academy is believed to have the opportunity for better education and a better life. We truly empathize with the students who have had to face such problems that become a hindrance in their development and in their future. Gates of ORCHIDS Global Learning Academy are open for the students with special issues as such physically challenged students, or any student undergoing any special trauma. We believe in them all, and know that they can always achieve greater in life.

We follow a special teaching technique for the special ones, who we believe need a little more guidance and care than the others. Our curriculum follows an Inclusive Philosophy, allowing the students to feel comfortable in their environment. Our counsellors and psychologist ensure that each child is happy and is on the right path. Each one of these young angels holds the power to make a change and be the change in the foreseeable future. We are nurturing them all into leaders.