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SHARPER Philosophy

ORCHIDS Global Learning Academy has its own philosophy of S.H.A.R.P.E.R, which focuses on preparing students for the future.

We strongly believe that skills relevant today might not necessarily be useful for the ever changing tomorrow. Therefore, S.H.A.R.P.E.R theory equips the child with certain skills, and an attitude that will allow them to be ever-ready for any kind of challenges that the future holds.


“Self-discipline is the key ingredient to success”

Idea behind the S of SHARPER is to make the students free of monitored discipline. By making them independent and self-reflective, they learn to identify their own progress, and take responsibility for being better versions of themselves. With this, S.H.A.R.P.E.R equips students with the skills to cope with basic stress and routines in their primary as well as later life. Since they can themselves see their progress, it makes them happy learners and better achievers.

Motivation Programmes

Creative Assemblies

Guest Lectures

Skill Workshops



Student Council


“Hard Work always pays off”

Since the early years of a child’s schooling, we instill the value of hard work. Each student is encouraged to be determined, by setting a culture of academic rigour in the classrooms. As they always say “You reap what you sow”, each student understands that the price of achieving is the hard work and academic rigour we put into it. ORCHIDS Global Learning Academy is nurturing a league of achievers. A series of external assessments have been introduced, as follows:

Homi Bhabha

Gray Matters



Spell bee

The Learning Purpose

Applied Science

“Knowledge is of no use unless you put it to practice”

Rote learning lasts only till a question paper, not a lifetime. ORCHIDS Global Learning Academy is nurturing young minds with the ability to apply what they learn in their school life. Our teaching methodology includes application-based learning, where students are continuously involved in activities, experiments and practicals, using various kits and tools.

Science Kits

Maths Kits

SST Kits




“Research is formalized curiosity”

While knowing a lot of skills is impressive, it can disturb a child’s orientation. Through research, we impart a culture of learning in depth rather than in width. This allows a child to efficiently excel in his interest, and not only understand the basic concepts, but also to be able to touch the depths of the topic. Research under S.H.A.R.P.E.R philosophy helps in the child’s:

Academic Growth

Personality Growth

Perspective Building

Physical Education

“A healthy mind resides in a healthy body”

For a healthy learning environment, it is essential to maintain a check on the students’ health. As a part of Physical Education of the S.H.A.R.P.E.R theory, ORCHIDS Global Learning Academy not only offers a wide range of sports and physical activities integrated with the academics but also offer a special Health & Nutrition Programme.

The Health & Nutrition Programme consists of the ABCD assessments:

Alpha fitness Assessments

Biochemical Assessments

Clinical Assessments

Dietary Assessments

We have also introduced to special programmes for sports:

Special Talent Encouragement Programme (STEP): Special programme for grooming the exceptionally talented students.

After School Sports Programme (ASSP): After school sessions with professional trainers for the hardworking ones.


“What is experienced on the streets can never be learnt in class”

While ORCHIDS Global Learning Academy talks about experiential learning, we make it happen with our Student Exchange Programmes, and other educational visits, to ensure each student gets an experience of the real world, through always guided by our own counsellors.  To give them the right exposure, we have introduced the following:

International visits

National expeditions

Educational visits

Student Exchange Programme

Reflective & Independent Thinking

“Free thinking cultivates innovative learning”

With our international curriculum in place, we are nurturing independent thinkers, soon to be global leaders. To raise a voice in the modern world, it is essential for a child to be able to make his own perception and to be able to think independently. This is where innovation begins, and therefore in order to cultivate critical thinking in the young minds, we have emphasised on the importance of application-based learning. Through various activities and unique subjects, we allow the students to think and brainstorm independently. Some of these activities/programmes are:


Public Speaking

Student Magazines & Newsletters


Student Council



In the near future, 65% of the Jobs will be non-existent (as per a survey by World Economic Forum).

Most of the jobs will be automated, and some will evolve. The ever-changing tomorrow puts in question the uncertainity of a child’s future. How do we prepare them for tomorrow?

This is where S.H.A.R.P.E.R philosophy comes in. This philosophy instils the right attitude, and great confidence in the students, to be able to mould their existing skills and knowledge as per the changing times. This theory is about the necessary change and the required approach that each child must know to face any kind of future. The theory not only makes the students self-disciplined, hard-working and well-read but also allows them to create their own perception of the world. Each student learns to mould their skills and knowledge as required while standing their ground of moral integrity and Indian values. SHARPER is the philosophy for the true over-all development of the child, that grooms them into leaders, preparing them for their own bright future.