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With advances in technology year after year, ORCHIDS Global Learning Academy believes in advancing its curriculum as well. Robotics Curriculum is an exclusive programme initiated with an aim to equip our students with skills to solve real world problems, by learning the importance of collaboration, research and innovation. For the changing needs of the world, we are preparing the students with the required skills that will be helpful for them in the longer run.

By introducing Robotics in our curriculum, we are introducing students to programming, coding and mechanics, in a fun and interesting way. The curriculum has been divided into three parts, based on the grade division of the students, to make learning more impactful and easily comprehendible.

For the students of grades I, II, III, the initial part of the curriculum focuses on introducing the students to the basic concepts of programming. We have our own in-house designed robots, which the students can learn to operate through basic commands. Interaction is the first step in this curriculum.

For the students of Grades IV & V, the curriculum emphasizes on the second step i.e. a better understanding of the codes, the connections, and most importantly the applications of Robotics. Students get to learn about software such as Arduino, blockyduino, and they also get to learn about the infrared rays, the digital sensors, and so much more!

For the students of Grade IV, VII, VIII and IX, the students are provided with their very own Robotics Kit, which helps them get a much better insight into the mechanics and programming. This part of the curriculum is a huge step in learning for the students. By this point of time, the students are able to assemble the projects entirely themselves, and also are able to understand the nitty-gritty of digital and analog sensors. Teachers are also subjected to timely training workshops and programmes to ensure the students are being taught updated content only.