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It is hard to perceive what all a child goes through in such a short span of time. ORCHIDS Global Learning Academy ensures each child’s wellness is kept in check, starting from the easiest of problems they face when they first arrive to the school, to any further ongoing issue which seems to stop them from performing their best.

A child’s well being is an utmost priority at ORCHIDS Global Learning Academy. With a team of trained counselors, we help students:

  • 1

    Reach the best of their capabilities, and keep doing better.

  • 2

    Have a happy & healthy learning environment.

  • 3

    Identify, address and resolve unusual behaviours by any child, to ensure the safety of each child.

  • 4

    Be open about their issues, and help them communicate the same to their parents.

  • 5

    Take better-guided decision with the help of the counsellors as well as the teachers.

Counsellors at ORCHIDS Global Learning Academy are also responsible for bringing out the best in the students, by working in a system with the teacher where both contribute to observing and acting on the child’s changing behaviour, and other educational, personal and even career-related concerns.