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The Middle Years Programme is for students of Grade VI to Grade X. Based on the foundation they built in their Primary Years, rather than rote learning, they are exposed to application-based learning, through innovative teaching methods such as hands-on learning activities, subjects kits, practical, and more.  Students studying in MYP are very likely to consider continuing their education abroad in later years. The curriculum prepares them for the same exposure ahead. Students in Grade IV & V are provided with an option to choose the courses of their choice from six to eight subjects.

While the teaching methodology for MYP is also Guided Inquiry-Based Learning, the subjects are evolved. There are 8 subjects under Middle Years Programme:

The IB curriculum of MYP allows the students to base their learning and discoveries with their own experiences. Each subject is taught based on their conceptual understanding, and different approaches to learning are applied from time to time.

STEM in MYP: For the studies of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, MYP curriculum has introduced integrated teaching and learning methods, that allow the students to get a better understanding of the concepts and the skills.

Long-term project: Each MYP students is required to complete one long-term project, the aim of which is to allow students to reflect on their learning. The project enhances a student’s collaborative and innovative skills and allows them to pursue projects that will prepare them for their further studies, be it in any workplace, or for the community.

Each student-planned activity allows the student to explore and decide what they are more interested in learning about. It trains them to create proposals, plan their execution, and effectively communicating about it to the supervisor. In the end, they themselves get to evaluate the productivity of their project.