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The world class curriculum at ORCHIDS Global Learning Academy is complemented with the required digital support needed for the children to advance in the future way of learning.

Digital Classrooms

The classrooms include Digi-boards including a series of videos on the subjects, in order to help the students understand the concept better, and the Computer Labs are equipped with computers for each child individually, to ensure no one is left behind.

Online Doubt Classes

Stream your class is an online doubt class initiated with an aim to ensure that each child’s questions are being answered. These classes are taken by subject specialists and are open for all students of the school to join. It also offers them a one-on-one interaction with the teachers and helps students to overcome their fear of asking questions in the class.

Flip Learning

To make classroom learning even more productive and enlightening, students of higher grades have access to a certain set of learning clips, which allow them to get a better insight of the topic even before their classes start. This helps them upgrade their classroom discussions, adding a chance for even more enlightenment on the topics for the students.

Video-assisted learning

Our inhouse book, unlike an ordinary book, is also capable of providing the students with advanced video-assistance in each topic/chapter that they are learning. Each chapter/subject in the book has a QR code nearby, which on scanning leads the students to a link of videos/specific video that helps them prepare whenever they are prepared to learn about the topic, be it at home, after coachings etc.