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Flexibility, Strength and Endurance are not just limited to physical improvement, rather are a part of person’s character. Dance is the language of the body and the soul. With dance as a part of the curriculum, students know the value of determination, hard work and perfection.
The curriculum widely includes:


Composition and Analysis


World dance studies and performances

Dance plays an important role in honing the innate abilities of a child in his/her early years. With this curriculum, children are exposed to various dance forms and styles from a wide array of cultures, thus develops creativity, critical thinking in them.

By giving them the knowledge and awareness of various dance forms, we focus mainly on-:


Motor skills development


Brain Development


Kinaesthetic learning

We are also introducing The Jazz Syllabus, that will allow them to improve their posture and performance.

We have designed our dance curriculum such that it aims at the development and proper channelization of the creative energies of children. We also have our dance rooms, giving children the right space to grow up to their calibre, and later on excel in their talents. The programme is available both at Standard Level (SL) and Higher Level (HL).