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Theatre at ORCHIDS Global Learning Academy aims at igniting the spirit of emotions through performance in the young hearts. To communicate the ideas and the thoughts of an individual, one needs to connect to their emotions, and understand the diversity of views, and at the same time respect them too. Theatre does it all.

The aim of the curriculum is to ignite creativity and imagination, nurture lifelong learners, establish an environment of love and respect, and bring to light, young talents, and expose them to numerous genres and styles of theatre.

The curriculum of theatre gifts a journey of drama and emotions to the young learners. This journey includes the following:

Creative Exploration & Artistic Expression 

Role Plays, Improvisations, Storytelling, Actor’s tools (body, mind and voice

Technical Integration 

Playscripts, Costumes, props, make up, music, sound, elements of drama

Performance Skills 

Characterization, stage performances

Reflect and Review 

Reflection on performances

Theatre at ORCHIDS Global Learning Academy has been introduced in two division: