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Public speaking is one of the most common fears today. Be it a child, or even a well spoken adult, fear of attending to an audience can cross anyone’s mind. The earlier a child learns to face his fears, the easier it becomes for him to cope with the stress in later life. This is why ORCHIDS Global Learning Academy has introduced Public Speaking as a part of its curriculum, where we instill qualities such as good speaking skills, confidence as well as reasoning, in the young minds at a very young age. This strikes out any possibility of self-doubting in them, ensuring a positive attitude.

To groom the leaders of tomorrow, the foremost crucial skills required are confidence, diction and reasoning. Through Public Speaking Programme, we are making them ready to face the world, by ensuring each child in engaged in the activities, competitions and classes designed under the programme.

This programme has been introduced in a very engaging and interactive way, as a part of the curriculum.  It includes:






Mirror activity


Vocab sessions


English Conversational classes

Each of these activities help the students familiarize themselves with the concept, understand their strength and weaknesses, and then eventually practice and perfect themselves under the guidance of their mentors. Each child is assessed on Grammar, Comprehension, Reading and Writing skills.

We have a number of competitions such as Speakathon, Model United Nations, and much more, through which students can easily determine where they stand amongst the crowd.