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ORCHIDS Chain of schools follow the five pillars of schooling, ensuring a 360-degree development of the child. The five pillars include Academic Excellence, Personal Attention, Holistic Development, Best-in-class Infrastructure and Safe Campus.



ORCHIDS Global Learning Academy continues to introduce innovative teaching methods, and help students learn better. IB’s integrated teaching curriculum complements our ideology of engaging and impactful learning, which helps us guide the students better, towards academic excellence.

There is a Central Academic & Research Team in place, of experienced and qualified academicians, providing continuous support in upgrading our curriculum, and defining processed and set measures in order to ensure each student is involved in the learning process.

Advanced Learning
  • Robotics Kits

  • Mathematics and Science Kits

  • Digi-Boards

  • In-house books

  • Online Doubt Classes



It is every parent’s concern, whether their child is being attended to, and if each of the queries are being answered. At ORCHIDS Global Learning Academy, teachers are regarded as second parents for the students. Each child is given personal attention and guidance, and is encouraged to communicate comfortably. Be it any issue, physical, psychological, or career related issue, from teachers to counselors, to nutritionists, and even didis, every staff is trained to ensure the child’s well being.

In classrooms, there is a teacher-studio ratio of 1:12 that is maintained at all times. Curiosity is appreciated, and asking questions is encouraged, in order to maintain the interdisciplinary teaching methodology. Along with trained Nutritionists and counselors as a part of our team, we have introduced several Parent Communication Portals such as:

  • Parent app

  • Parent Orientation Programmes (POP)

  • Coffee Chats

  • SMS

  • Parent Teacher Meeting (PTM)

  • Circulars

  • Safety Committee

  • PTA Committee



For the 360-degree development of a child, it is required to look after a child’s development in each aspect, be it academics, or extracurricular activities. Education at ORCHIDS Global Learning Academy is not limited to the walls of the classroom. There is an entire world out there, and we are preparing the children for the same through a hands-on learning approach of studies.

The children indulge in time to time activities, experiments and practicals for experiential-based learning. Various Sports activities, performing arts, competitions and programmes also add on to the overall development, honing them into all-rounder personalities, ready for any challenge that is to come their way in their future.

  • Health & Nutrition Programme

  • Special Talent Encouragement Programme

  • After School Sports Programme

  • Public Speaking

  • Competitions



While our young learners rise to the challenges of life, no barrier must stand in their way. ORCHIDS Global learning Academy has equipped students best-in-class infrastructure for academics, and extra-curricular activities. We have the following for example:

  • Digi-Boards

  • Science Labs

  • Computer Labs

  • Library

  • Music Room

  • Dance Room

  • Theatre Room

  • Film Studio

  • Auditorium

  • Makers Lab

  • Infirmary

  • Counselor’s Room

  • Playgrounds

  • Planetarium



Safety at ORCHIDS Global Learning Academy is one of the major priorities. We realize each parent’s concern for their child’s safety, which is why we have taken a wide range of measures to ensure each child’s safety, from the moment he steps on their bus to attend school, till the moment they leave their buses for home. Some of the measures are as follows:

  • GPS in every bus

  • 360-degree surveillance

  • Security controlled entry and exit

  • Female staff on every bus

  • Female teachers till grade V

  • Fire Compliance

  • Emergency Mock drills for the students & the staff

  • Parent ID Card

  • Classroom doors without locks

  • Trained security guards

  • Breathalyzer tests for the drivers

  • Background check on each staff